A Horse for Summer Movie Trailer

1.4K Views - 10 Mar 2021

Kent (DEAN CAIN) and Teri Walsh (TERRI MINTON) and their teenage daughter, Sarah (NICOLE CRISS), 14, escape the hustle and bustle of LA to pursue a dream of running a horse boarding ranch in Arizona. A failing economy makes pursuing this dream tougher than they imagined. While Teri and Sarah find strength in their faith and a welcoming and supportive church community, a skeptical and frustrated Kent tries to do it all alone. Their lives change dramatically when Kent's street-hardened teenage niece, Summer (MANDALYNN CARLSON), is sent to live with the family after her mother, Ava is arrested and incarcerated. Life with the Walsh family is a dramatic change for Summer- rules, respect, and faith have been missing from her life. When she's expected to pitch in with the family business, Summer lashes out. When she runs away from home, her behavior threatens the already tense situation. Caring for two of the horses, in particular, Dakota and Bella, gives Summer something that's been missing from her life- a connection to a living thing that relies on her attention. When Bella falls ill, Walsh's already strained finances force them to make the difficult decision to use their dwindling savings to save Bella. After Summer makes the decision to do the wrong thing for the right reason, a community discovers the meaning of forgiveness, and Summer realizes this is the only place she has ever been where people really care about her. Starring: Dean Cain, Mandalynn Carlson, Nicole Criss, Terri Minton, Christopher Atkins, and Lee Meriwether. Produced by Nandar Entertainment directed by Nancy Criss and written by Ken Lemm.