Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Can I signup for free and post videos?

     Yes.  However, you can purchase a Premium Channel and share in AD Revenue based on views.

2.  Can I cancel my Free account or Premium Channel at any time?

     Yes. Just log into your account and go to settings.

3.  What video formats do you accept for uploads?

     We currently only accept "uploads" of mp4 file extensions.  However, you can upload by using Youtube or direct links from Vimeo, JW Player, etc.

4 Can I advertise on the site?

     Yes.  You can advertise your channel or website through BANNER ADS or in the Videos directly with Pre, Mid, and Post Rolls.

5.  Where to view a list of all subscribed channels?

     Login as user Click on Channels View all channels that you have subscribed to Browse through the channels to watch videos

6.  How to add videos to my channels?

     Log in as User Click on My Channels Select a channel Click on ‘upload video’ to add more videos to your channel

7.  What access do I get if I don’t subscribe?

     You can just watch free videos and trailer videos.

8.  What access do I get after subscribing?

    On subscription, based on the subscription plan (Number of days) – you can watch all videos for free on the platform (Except for those that are marked pay per view and must be paid to watch)

9.  How to view new subscription plans?

    Click on the User icon at the top right corner Click on Profile Click on subscriptions Choose any plan of choice and click on ‘Pay Now’ in order to share in ad revenue you will need a premium channel.

10. Where can I see my payments or subscription history?

      Log in as a user, Click on the User icon on the top right corner Click on Subscription History you can view all subscriptions along with their status (Success or fail).  You can view the status of the current subscription pack.  You can click on ‘View Plans’ to view more subscription plans.

11. Can I spread the word and earn rewards

      Yes. When someone signs up with your unique referral link to one of our premium channels, you will get $1

12. How do I create a channel?

     First register for an account if new or if already a user log into your account.  Be sure to pick a subscription plan first under "Settings" then click on "My Plans".  You can use either Free or Paid if wanting an ad-revenue share.   On the far left side click on "MY CHANNELS"  from there you can create a new channel or click on an existing channel to upload your videos too. 

Step 1 - Log in

Step 2 - If you have not done this step yet Click on SETTINGS and then choose MY PLANS.  You must select any plan you like first before trying to Create A Channel to upload videos too. If you have done Step 2 already skip to step 3.

Step 3 -  on the lefthand side menu click on "MY CHANNELS

Step 4 - You now should see in the right-hand corner the option to CREATE A CHANNEL or Manage your current channels.